The story of Decibel, from Daniel Brennan (dB himself).

Decibel Wines are my vision to create wines using classic practices, minimal intervention, and wines with a community based attitude.  These are ideas as old as wine itself and I believe strongly in them.  

However I look to the future as well.  I look at a time when we use smart practices in the vineyard and the winery that not only inspire but preserve our great planet.  I’ve had a great deal of help from many other winemakers, growers and friends in Hawkes Bay, Martinborough, and back home in the USA as well.  

While travelling through Europe and America with a band of musicians, artists and craftsmen my passion for sense memory and sense elation grew.   While docked in Philadelphia I discovered New Zealand wines; I literally smelled the potential for adventure and pure discovery in the glass.

In 2007 I left Philadelphia to make wine in New Zealand. I have taken the spirit of my Great Grandfather, Michelino Rodolico and his entire lineage, with me.    A barrel cooper and winemaker himself, he travelled from Sicily to America in search of inspiration. He is with me on this journey.

As I follow maps of the roads, maps of the soils, maps of the seas, flight plans and  future plans, the journey now brings me across the globe pouring my wines for people in hopes they will be open to the idea of an adventure.  I make Decibel Wines with honest and artistic people. My aim is to bring you wines of distinction and the best expressions of this magical place.   

The Decibel Team

Daniel Brennan

The man behind the brand. After a lifetime in the restaurant world and a career in the music business, dB brings a surfeit of experience and passion to Decibel. He takes a collaborative approach, working closely with his trusted growers to expand the range and push the organic programme.

Paul Sanders
The Numbers Guy

Who keeps us on our toes? That’d be Paul. As Finance Manager, he spends his days with strategies, numbers, and planning — surrounded by terrific wine! He’s the hero behind the scenes, keeping our little team motivated and on track to make the best wine possible.

Holly Girven Russell
Winemaking & Marketing

Holly joined the Decibel team in 2021 and got herself involved across the board. A winemaker by trade, she’s a spreadsheet wizz with a knack for all things digital. She’s here to ensure the Decibel spirit runs seamlessly from the vineyard to the bottle to the store to the website!

Sarah Bell
Tasting Room

With a background in fashion, Sarah brings a bit of glamour to the mix. Her enthusiasm for wine is infectious, showing curious visitors that being a wine expert isn’t a prerequisite to enjoying and appreciating wines. So brilliant is her service, we’ve been receiving fan mail!

Stop by Decibel Central

Visit us in store at 101 Warren Street S. Hastings central. Come by for a chat, pick up a bottle for dinner, or book in for a tasting at the big table to taste your way through the range.