Wine on Tap: Keg Rentals

Be it a backyard bbq, a zero-waste wedding, or simply a really good party, kegged wine is a great option!

Not only will you be maximising value and minimising waste by serving wine from keg, you’re also getting the freshest wine going. We have an ever-expanding programme, with 4 wines currently available in 20 litre kegs each containing about 130 generous glasses of wine.

Rent a Keg

We provide the 20l kegs full of wine, you plug them into your own tap system.

$350 per keg and a $50 keg deposit refunded upon the return or collection of an empty keg.

Tap & Keg Rental

Purchase two kegs and we will provide complimentary tap/fridge system rental!

two kegs ($350 each), a
$50 nitrogen charge, and a
$200 deposit refunded upon return.

Bookings & Enquiries

Kegs FAQ

This is an evolving roster, get in touch to confirm current selection. In time we anticipate having the entire collection available to order by keg.

Always available: Giunta Malbec Nouveau, Giunta Crunchy Red, Decibel Sauvignon Blanc.

No, these are 20 litre slimline ‘kegstar’ kegs that are standard across New Zealand. These are the same kegs used by craft breweries and should fit into any system.

But be aware that wine will need to use a nitrogen or high nitrogen blend gas for dispensing rather than pure carbon dioxide. Be sure to discuss this with your venue as they may need to order a canister in. We can assist if required.

Yes, we can send kegs through our regular courier system at a very reasonable price. They are generally able to be delivered overnight.

We will arrange collection of the keg at no extra charge, and the deposit will be returned once collection has occurred.

Sure does! Kegs operate like miniature stainless steel tanks, just like what we use in the winery. As the wine is dispensed through an inert gas like nitrogen, the wine never has any contact with oxygen and thus remains extremely fresh.

It depends on how much your friends drink! Each keg contains 20 litres which is the equivalent of 26.7 bottles of wine or 133.3 150ml glasses of wine (a generous pour!).

Awesome! Get in touch with our distribution partners at Mineral Wines who will sort you out. Feel free to contact the Decibel team to discuss keg tap/fridge options.

Want more info?

Get in touch with the team at [email protected] to discuss our keg options further.