Master Class: Hawkes Bay and Martinborough, New Zealand

Where: 115 W 30th Street, 1110B New York, NY 10001

When: Friday, February 17th 

Presented by Winemaker Daniel Brennan, winemaker at Decibel Wines 

It's been great the past year or so to finally have Decibel widely available in New York City.  Those are my old stomping grounds from my days working in the music industry.  Working with the Fine Wine Agency and has proven to be a great fit for us.  And we're so very excited to be presenting these at a Master Class in NYC in February.  Though NYC is the heart of wine consumption in the USA, Hawkes Bay and Martinborough, New Zealand's best two regions, have not had much exposure in NYC.  This class provides an opportunity at a first hand look at these regions by showing you wines from each region and sub regions and appellations within each.  Having moved from the USA to follow my dream of making wine in New Zealand in 2007, I am now approaching my 10th vintage making wines here.  I'm very excited to tell you all about them.  Please check out the links and videos below.  And please, come with questions!  

Here's a short video of when I took a hike up Roy's Hill, conveniently located across Highway 50 from my home.  Atop Roy's Hill you can see all the Bridge Pa Wine Growing District, the start of the Gimblett Gravels, and the Crownthorpe Terraces off in the distance.

Here's a great video from Villa Maria explaining the Gimblett Gravels then a short video showing some awesome shots of the famous Gimblett Gravels soils.  This was a piece for the program Thirsty Work with host Yvonne Lorkin.