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New Release

2016 was my first year working with the very unique site at Brodie Estate.  James Brodie established this block in the early 2000s using dry farming and set on a track for transitioning into organic and sustainable practices.  He planted 5 different Dijon clones, some on their own root stock and some grafted on to selected low yielding root stocks.  While the vineyard site enjoys the ‘perfect Pinot pocket’ weather as the rest of Martinborough, the soils are very unique to the region. Neither on the old river bed terrace nor out in the cooler Te Muna appellation, the Brodie block sits alone in the southeast corner of the town of Martinborough where the soils have strips of clay and loam creating more opulent wines with greater depth of colour.

It has been one of the great honours of my life to be able to work with this fruit grown by James Brodie and 2016 was a fantastic start to this relationship.  The dry farmed site played essential in the 2016 vintage. While we enjoyed a nice, warm summer, March brought some rainfall. But the vines responded beautifully and the fruit that was harvested was clean and voluptuous.  The resulting wine had no acid or sugar adjustments making for a pure, deep and dark Pinot Noir who's savoury and spicy hints will continue to develop over time.  I strongly feel this our best effort yet for Pinot Noir under the Decibel label.  The 2015 sold faster than any previous vintage and is now sold out.  So you better grab your share of the 2016, try some now and lay a few bottles down to open on a special day.

-Daniel Brennan



Could you taste a wine and feel inspired?  Could you smell a glass of wine and want to move to the other side of the world?  It happened to me when I discovered New Zealand wines.  My story and my wines are all about the people  who inspire me, the places I've been and the music I love.  

Decibel Wines are my vision to create wines using classic practices, minimal intervention, and wines with a community based attitude.  These are ideas as old as wine itself and I believe strongly in them.  However I look to the future as well.  I look at a time when we use smart practices in the vineyard and the winery that not only inspire but preserve our great planet.  I've had a great deal of help from many other winemakers, growers and friends in Hawkes Bay, Martinborough, and back home in the USA as well.  

While traveling through Europe and America with a band of musicians, artists and craftsmen my passion for sense memory and sense elation grew.   While docked in Philadelphia I discovered New Zealand wines.  I literally smelled the potential for adventure and pure discovery in the glass.  

In 2007 I left Philadelphia to make wine in New Zealand. I have taken the spirit of my Great Grandfather, Miguel Rodolico and his entire lineage, with me.    A barrel cooper and winemaker himself, he traveled from Sicily to America in search of inspiration.   He is with me on this journey.

As I follow maps of the roads, maps of the soils, maps of the seas, flight plans and  future plans, the journey now brings me across the globe pouring my wines for people in hopes they will be open to the idea of an adventure.  

I make Decibel Wines with honest and artistic people. My aim is to bring you wines of distinction and the best expressions of this magical place.   



 Winemaker  - Daniel Brennan 

Winemaker  - Daniel Brennan 

 Miguel Rodolico has traveled through time to join me on this journey

Miguel Rodolico has traveled through time to join me on this journey

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