The Giunta Collection

Wines prized for purity, freshness, and vibrancy.

The range is named after Stella Giunta (pronounced june-tah) who was Decibel Dan’s mother’s mother but he knew her as Gram; a 4’10” Sicilian who you could not mess with! She made mean cutlets and always had a pizzelle in the cupboard for the Grandkids. She was one of 8 sisters and a brother, Uncle Joe, who owned a farm not too far away in Vineland, NJ. They worked hard, ate flavourful and comforting food and family was paramount.

We really have no rules in this range, where we experiment and put out fresh style wines, many of which go direct to your favourite restaurants and others, like the Riesling, are only available from us. Affordable, unassuming, delicious. Get on the Giunta wines while they’re still in stock, the range is fleeting and who knows which way next year’s inspiration will blow…

Taste the Giunta collection today.

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